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About Consults

A consult session can be an appropriate option in a variety of therapeutic settings. Sometimes, a psychotherapist may request a consult session as a therapeutic intervention, meaning that an additional therapist joins the therapy session and brings his/her view point, expertise, experience to the session.


The therapist and the consultant can explore their findings in front of the client so as to make the therapeutic process transparent to the client. The therapist and the consultant can model communication and interaction skills so as to inform and train the client.


Sometimes a therapist realizes in his/her sessions with the client - be that a couple, a family, or parents dealing with challenging behaviors in their children, or other life stressors - that the client seems to be “stuck,” or unable to shift their interaction patterns. Therapists might face a client being in denial, struggling to allow a new awareness to create changes in their lives. A therapist might even consider referring a client on to another therapist.




In such occasions it can be very effective to call in a consulting therapist. Often there is only one consult session needed to bring movement into the therapeutic process and get the client "unstuck." The client and therapist can then continue to work together.


As a consulting therapist, Janette focuses on the "here and now," exploring strengths of the client and collaborating with the client and therapist in creating strategies and coping skills that are acceptable and appropriate for the client. This is a solution-focused process of aiding the therapeutic relationship of client and therapist. Together the client, therapist and consultant function as a team.


A consult session can be scheduled in the therapist’s office and the session length can be modified to accommodate the client’s needs and situation. The focus is on increasing the possibility of efficacy of this intervention tool. ▪

About Consults
About Consults
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